Calabasas Mommy Events
Extends Virtual Promotions Opportunities during COVID-19
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Facebook LIVE In-Store Events:  On-site Virtual LIVE 30 and 60-minute event.  
We'll come to you during non-operating hours for an introduction, interview, and interactive creative content provided by local businesses.  
30-minutes:  $225
1/HR:  $300
Facebook LIVE Events - Zoom Streamed 15/minute Community Matters
The One-on-One & Group Topics (up to 3 reps) - Topics & Tales From "The Pod":  $150
Zoom and Stream:  event to feed to our Facebook page for a 20/minute event/presentation, and host 3x watch parties over the next 60-days from the original date:  $225
Facebook Posts:  $75/per month - 2x per week posts
Calabasas Mommy Marketplace Group Facebook Cover Ad:  $200/per month

Custom Marketing Campaigns Available

We'll create a custom campaign designed to meet your needs and reach.