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360 Talk Radio for Women
Podcast & Radio Series for Businesses & Brands

We’re inviting experts in industries that appeal to women for added community outreach through streaming radio and podcast, with partnerships for a limited series on 360 Talk Radio for Women and Podcast Collective.  Q3-Q4 launches for 8-week and 52-week programs, and enrollment ends August 12.


Take a look and view Community Voices for 360 Talk Radio for Women HERE


To expand your outreach and build a collaboration, I feel this could be a great program for you.  You can select from a 4/week or 8/week show co-hosted, meaning you show up on a Zoom with me and we discuss a topic led by your expert.  These are typically 15-25/minute episodes.  There’s also an opportunity to continue with a weekly show of your own, which your team records and submits audio files for scheduling.  I can walk you through all of the options to meet your needs.


These are GREAT sharable assets!


From your team, you just need to have experts show up to record a short episode with me.  That’s all!  If you do the 8/week series, we could launch the first which is about the business, and what you do.  


Suggested outline:


Week 1:           Who are you, your brand – behind the microphone…

Weeks 2-3 :     Industry Insights 

Weeks 4-6:      Industry Topics | Expert Led Discussions

Weeks 7-8:      Success Stories & Coffee Talk Conversations


The 4/week series enrollment $500; 8/weeks for $800 and a weekly show is available for $1500.


For either the 4/week or 8/week show you’d recording with me.  The 52x week show is your team recording on your own, of which is not difficult, and I’d guide you through the onboarding process.


Download 360 Talk Radio for Women.


Would you like to be a community voice representing your category?  Contact Our Producer.

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