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We’re in our pre-launch of our new KEEPING UP Communities, and are coordinating specialized “space” for experts to build their own community, and produce their own content.  We’re reserving one space for Insurance, another for Finance (as Financial Planning), College Planning, and one for Estate Planning experts.  We’re accepting ONE Agent to run their own space, and will have the ability as a moderator to:


  1. Go LIVE with video announcements

  2. Go LIVE with a video workshop

  3. Post workshop links that you’d like to run through other platforms such as scheduled Zoom events

  4. Post in-person events

  5. Create short announcements, tips, etc.

  6. “pin” links with assets, documents, appointment setting, your website, etc. 



We will collaborate on your new “SPACE”, and create a community title for it, such as “Financial Wellness” for the finance category, as we want our space members to feel empowered with the spaces they make connections in. 


Other spaces we have include:  Fitness/Wellness, Community Coffee Chat, Events, and more!  Those who join for our general community, automatically drops in to these spaces, and yours.  We’re building YOUR community, and YOU’RE leading the creative content to make those connections!


For early adopters, your rate is $75 per month, with a 12/month reservation.  Your set up fee of $150 is due now to secure your space and exclusivity for your single expert category.  If you’d like to secure multiple categories, taking finance, insurance, college planning, and estate planning, we can lock that in now, and create ONE single space for all of this shared content, building one community for multiple topics.  This would be a $600 set-up fee, with $75/mo per category, being $300/per month, with billing beginning in January.  We’re using October-December to build our member base, and activate our full launch in January 2023 with our streaming content and conversations.  Set-up will take about 30-days, and will include a Zoom strategy session.  For those picking up multiple “spaces”, this is great for teams working together and assigning your agents to their expert category.


We’re building the community, and will be dropping in new community members to your space as they join our general “Keeping Up Categories” for the Conejo Valley and “Beyond” Communities.  It is FREE to join our app, and join select member spaces.  Your posting activity may begin early, with some introductions about you and to stimulate new conversations, but your official term will begin in January for 12/months, with payments due each month.  You’ll become the “moderator” of your own space, and have the ability to manage it with your own content, as the only person posting  Those who join your space may make comments on posts, but not post with their own content.


Please advise how you’d like to proceed, and join our Keeping Up Communities at


Thank you!


Lori Carrese | 

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