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Conejo Fit FEST & Wellness Summit

Partnerships for the Fitness & Wellness Community of the Conejo Valley 


Audio/Video Fitness FEST & Wellness Summit “Inspire Me 2023” for the Conejo Valley

This is for the adult community, while family programming is also welcome to be touched on, as we’re looking out for everyone’s wellbeing, everywhere.  


As a women in wellness, who holds wellness retreats and has formed a community for mid-life women, this is a very exciting time for me.  The new year is always a great time to be motivated and inspired, and this year, we have enhancements to make the wellness connection in Conejo Valley through audio and video.  We’d love your participation, as your expert messaging is sure to engage our community for living your best healthy life in mind, body, and soul!  


Join the experts, represent your category, and be a voice for our community!

  • Our series will play on Conejo 101 Radio during our New Year “Inspire Me 2023” 8-week series, aired Saturday’s and Sundays, December 31-February 19.

  • Episodes will drop for our series on our podcast for this special series throughout January, on KEEPING UP with the Conejo Valley #KEEPING UP with your Wellness

  • Video:  We can place our recordings on our video platform, or, you’re welcome to record separate sessions and submit them, which may include fitness demonstrations, meet the experts, specific wellness discussions


You’ll schedule your recording time slots with me for 4x episodes during our series.  You’ll receive an onboarding email to coordinate our content and prepare you for our Zoom recording.


Inspire Me 2023 | Conejo Fit FEST & Wellness Summit partner enrollment is $300 for the complete series, when you register for the first session by November 1. 


These are great sharable assets, and our series will be promoted! 


To participate, sign up here in reserving your first recording time slot, along with payment, and the next steps will be an invitation to a Zoom Prep Call, future scheduling/coordination, and a link to record future sessions as “paid-in-full”, with three remaining to book for your sessions.


We’re making the wellness connection in Conejo Valley!


Lori Carrese |

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