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"Keeping Up" With The Conejo Valley

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We’re “keeping up” with progressive platforms on expanding your reach, through our Conejo On-Demand programming, and you’re invited to participate in the launch of our new podcast:  KEEPING UP, where we're hosting themes in Keeping Up with The Conejo Valley, and Keeping Up with Your Wellness.


Marketing your business through podcasts is now a must!  If you have not guested up for a podcast, or haven't considered running your own, you are missing out on a valuable marketing tool.  Tap in to the platform with an established podcast production, and just show up with your topics.

You’ll be a 5x guest now through January, on our KEEPING UP Podcast for a 1x $350 Reservations Fee during our launch, and you can schedule your first guest spot beginning in September.  You’ll select your recording schedule that best fits the timing for your guest topics.   Only $350 when you reserve your first recording in October, when you reserve placement by October 15.  Reserve your slot/payment, HERE.



We're recording a 5-episode series for Conejo Valley Partners, with 20-minute episode on business, community, wellness, and family topics, as we "Keep Up" with the goings-on of the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas.


  1. 5-Episodes drop on our Podcast September-January as scheduled

  2. Guests will record via Zoom with host, Lori Carrese

  3. Reserve your first guesting time slot, along with payment, and we'll schedule your next spot

  4. $350 completes your 5-episode guesting placements, paid in full.

  5. Each episode will air on Conejo 101 Radio for 30-days, and dropped to our podcast for on-demand listening through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Player



This is an incredible opportunity to have a podcast, radio, and video presence no matter where you’re located.  Embed your guest spots on your website, share on social!  Please, follow link to reserve your 1st KEEPING UP guest spot now, and you'll receive further instruction on guesting, and future scheduling.


Thank you,

Lori Carrese | Conejo 101 Media

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