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Be Kind. Happy Coffee?

There's a new addition at The Commons at Calabasas, a the message is kindness. La La Land Kind Cafe welcomes you with a burst of brightness and clean, open-aired landscape, while serving up bright yellow cups of goodness to "brighten" your day. Do the cute intentional messages on the cup sleeve make you happy? The kindness messaging certainly did for me. While I ordered a warm buttery chocolate crescent and coffee, leaving, it was the vegan menu items that caught my attention, so I'll be back for the variety and matcha late's. The name I found very interesting, as La La Land Suggests "Hollywood", and there are no Hollywood vibes here, just the kindness energy, with sprinkles of "Don't Be a D*ICK" messages....okay, that one threw me off, but all good vibes begin with shedding the bad. Visit the new location at The Commons at Calabasas in front of the fountain, and be greeted by the turtles for extra good vibrations.

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(Image courtesy of website/locations 2023)

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